Where Did All the Sherbert Babies Go?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that Sherbert was a breeder in a puppy mill and that when we rescued her she still had the stitches in from her last C-section. (Apparently big bulldog heads make traditional births difficult.)

Which means there are untold number of little Sherberts out there…and we are constantly on the lookout for them. Any time we see a white bulldog our alert system goes on.
So the other night we were checking out the French Bulldog Rescue Network blog (http://fbrnetworknews.blogspot.com/) and came across the below picture of a bulldog named, of all things, Katie (which happens to be my name).

I wish I could make the photo bigger, but besides the brown patch on Sherbert’s eye, Katie is the spittin’ image of Sherbert. They even smush their moderately wrinkly faces the exact same way. It’s uncanny really. Here’s a similar picture of Sherbert for comparison:

I think all Sherbert needs is a chivalrous beau like Sammi the Frenchie and she’ll be all set.

  1. Awww Momma Sherbert! I pray all your babies are in happy homes w/good people like yourself!

    And yep…big ol’ heads & wide shoulders mean c-sections for the Mommas…just better/safer (for both Momma & babies) that way.

  2. That pup Katie really does look like Sherbie…I am sure there are lots of Sherbs, male and female out there….She was quite a producer….

  3. Well, French is the language of LOVE..what girl in her right mind can resist a handsome Frenchman? LOL My bullie, Holly is in mad love with a Standard Poodle named Winston. He is quite the charmer – and French afterall. 🙂

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