Holiday Sweaters: The One That Got Away

When we rescued Sherbert she was a skinny little beast.

Perhaps not as small as the dog to the left, but skinny by bulldog standards.

So I asked my mother, who is an excellent knitter, if she could make Sherbert something warm and fuzzy for the cold Colorado winters.

And then I proceeded to pick out the most labor-intensive, hand-knitted dog sweater available.

See all those colored balls…hand-knitted.

Well, by the time grandma finished the body of the sweater (the black pile in the bottom of the picture above) and then started on the balls, Sherbert had expanded noticeably.

She outgrew the sweater before it was even finished.

So now it’s on hold until Lunchbox arrives (no, no date yet) and then we’ll have, oh, probably a month in which we can shove him/her in it.

Better get cracking on those colored balls, mom!

P.S. In case you’re curious the sweater pattern was found in the book “Doggy Knits” by Anna Tillman. Lots of great patterns in there…might be perfect for the Frenchies among us.

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