This Bulldog Has Wings

Recently, fellow Twitterer and bulldoggie lover @kateshirley sent the UB a link to the “Flying Bulldog” t-shirt on (pictured above obviously).

This awesome T, which I already owned, has kind of a funny/sad story at UB HQ.

If you remember the “Sherbert the Laundress” post you’ll remember that I had an interesting bridal shower. Instead of receiving 18 spatulas or, say, 18 pairs of underwear I requested that all the presents be t-shirts. (Smart, huh?)

Since the Flying Bulldog T is screenprinted by hand it was a little late to the party.
So on the day of the shower my friend emailed me a picture of the t-shirt which I promptly emailed to my parents to share my excitement.

Well the ‘rents, somehow, thought my email was a cryptic message that Sherbert had DIED! (Thankfully, not true as you know.)

They immediately telephoned to find out what happened and were a bit surprised to hear the true story.
I was a bit surprised to learn that they thought I would send an email to announce Sherbert’s death!!! (Talk about parent/child miscommunication.)

Anyway, all was straightened out and the shirt will live on in infamy.

Apparently the design can also be screenprinted on a tote bag and bulldogs aren’t the only flying breed up for sale. The Flying Dachshund is particularly amusing.

Check it out (just don’t email it to your parents)!

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