Halloween Week: Manny the Piglet

Presenting, Sir Manchester Biggle Bum (for real) who’s just 3 months (2.5 in the pic).
While this isn’t “Manny’s” actual Halloween costume (another theme of our dress-up pictures this week) it sure is cute and actually looks comfortable.
Thanks to Manny’s mom for sending in this pic!

What’s Sherbert going to be?: Here’s Sherbert standing in front of some of the ingredients for her Halloween costume. (Weather permitting of course. Boulder is about to get blanketed with snow and if it carries through the weekend we’re hibernating.)
Be sure to take in everything in the picture, because the answer is as much about the setting as the pieces and parts. Any ideas? I’ll unveil another photo clue in the next couple days. Unless someone figures it out, in which case I’ll have to come up with a new costume!

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