Hug Your Bulldog

Greetings Bulldog Lovers,
We are slightly breaking format here at to bring you a bit of news, and several reasons to hug your bulldog. If you haven’t heard there’s a bulldog (“Churchill”) in Texas who was recently set on fire–yep, you read that right, grrr. You can read the news article here, or there’s a great call to action on ThatOne | EBD’s blog. Sherbert is sending healing snores Churchill’s way.

But because this blog is intended to create instant smiles for our readers, I want to say Happy 11th B-day to Henrietta the Bulldog (what’s your secret?), and leave you with these photos of Sherbert, who wants you to know, the bus never came.

XO, UrbanBulldog

UPDATE: Churchill is recovering! There’s an update on ThatOne | EBD’s blog.


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