Meet Mandrake!

Mandrake looks soft.

He is 7 and a fellow Colorado bulldog.

In non-bulldog land, a mandrake is:
a) a plant (mentioned in the bible)
b) a magician starring in a comic strip
c) a play by Machiavelli
d) the one-time mascot of the University of Oregon
e) see the comment below

Thanks to Erin for sharing Mandrake!

One Comment
  1. This Mandrake was named after Group Captain Lionel Mandrake from Dr. Strangelove. “And I drink a lot of water you know, I’m what you might call a water man, Jack-that’s what I am. And I swear to you my boy, swear to you, that there is nothing wrong with my bodily fluids, not a thing”

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