Red Wagon Salute to Bully Scooter

We are saddened to announced that one of our smallest in stature but biggest
in heart bulldog buddies has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.

Miss Scooter, at 31 lbs. arguably the world’s smallest English Bulldog, passed away on Friday night at the ripe old age of 12 after a summer of health problems.

Scooter and Sherbert were partners in crime (remotely of course) from early on, as Scoot’s mama was one of the first loyal followers of this site. We bonded over our tiny rescues who quickly took over the house.

In the words of her mama: @kateshirley

… I’d like to think she found Sherbs @UrbanBulldog in heaven and is currently trading stink eyes.

We do too.

With that I’ll leave you with these videos of Scoots and a hearty #redwagon salute for Miss Scooter. 

  1. Phyllis, being petite in stature as well, is feeling especially blue for your loss.

    Lots of hugs, snorts and slobber are coming your way from MN!

    Phylly D and Oliver Charles

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