Meet “Dogs in the City” Star Beefy the Bulldog

Since Baby D has come to the house there has been a lot of t.v. watching, and the latest show I’ve added to my queue is “Dogs in the City” on CBS (really, can you name a better show for the UrbanBulldog household to watch?).

So, I was thrilled when this photo of Beefy from the inaugural episode showed up in our email. Beefy is 5 years old, and, well, I’ll let you watch the show…but isn’t he adorable? I love the concentration tongue.

Thanks to Patrick for sharing!

  1. That is a super cute dude! We don’t watch reality TV. (Well actually, we have no cable so TV access is very specific in this house) but I would make an exception for that guy!

  2. We did watch the show “Dogs in the City”. I have to say that Beefy’s family did a superb job of following the lessons set forth, and Beefy in all of his cuteness is an even better and cuter Bulldog…Sure hope that he is still treating his masters lovely wife well….let us know Patrick!!!!!

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