There’s a New Bulldog in the House

And his name is Baby Davis!

He farts like a bulldog…

And drools like a bulldog…

And basically causes Lunchbox to have a conniption every time he gets a whiff.

Miss Sherbert is nonplussed to say the least and has been having a lot of health problems.
We’re just happy she’s hung around long enough to meet the little guy (he came early just for her!).

We’re experiencing the circle of life here at the UB household, but right now we are quite the caravan when we take our daily stroll.

Just picture it: Stroller, followed by pusher, followed by Lunchbox, followed by puller, followed by Sherb in her wagon.

We should really have our own flag.

  1. Congratulations to the UB household…what a crew you all must be. The little guy will come to appreciate what talented parents he has in the pulling and pushing category, not to mention the loving , heart expanding, talents that they possess….Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  2. Awwww…what a beautiful, exceptional, unique family you are! Congratulation to all of you on the birth of sweet Baby Davis! Phyllis gives him a resounding fart of approval and throws a little slobber LB’s and Sherb’s way…Hang in there, Sherbert! XOXO from Phyllis Darlene and Allison:)

  3. Collins has those PJ’s!!!!!!!! (actually she had them, she had a potty accident in them and they could not be saved). Welcome to the pack Davis!!!

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