[Virtual] UB Summer Concert Series–Beastie Bella!

The Urban Bulldog Summer Concert Series is back, this time featuring Beastie Bella, a bulldog with a crooked tail (and a bit of a wild streak, apparently). Her human Steph says that Bella is a “Super Freak” and has submitted the photo below as proof. The comment thread should be good on this one…

If you’re like me and had never seen the actual music video for “Super Freak,” you are in for a real treat. This is truly music television at its finest.

Thanks to Steph for sending these in!

Does your bulldog have a theme song? Prove it. submit@urbanbulldog.com
  1. I think VH1 needs to do a Behind The Music/Where Are They Now? for the backup dancers in this video. Boy, do I miss music videos on TV.

  2. hahaha as soon as i read this i thought of the movie little miss sunshine, and had an image of bulldog in a beauty pagent doing a dance to it!

  3. (Delayed response from Bella’s Human)… As I write this, she’s sitting behind me on the bed panting lightly & thunking her crooked tail. To elaborate on her freaky style, she does these things I like to call “Hot Laps” around the yard where she “runs” uncontrollably in large circles then plops down in front of me (on my foot) panting, and on some occasions I can call her a freak for such activities and she barks back!

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