What are [Bulldog] Friends For?

Uh, Lunchbox is there something on my face?

I don’t see anything Sherbie; you’re lookin’ good!

Seriously, it feels like there’s something on my nose, right here.

Hmm, nopes Sherbalicious. You look clean.

OK, LouBee Lunchbox. Thanks for checking. One of these petals must have just fallen on my schnoz while I was snuffling. Sure smells like kibble though…
  1. Love this post! And love that Lunch has acquired the LouBee nickname. I think I’ve told you Scooter is more often referred to as Loubis or Loubie by us. It’s a great bully name, imho!

  2. Awwww! They are so cute! I just found your blog and fell in love with it 🙂 Sherbert’s story prior to meeting you is so sad but I am sure she is the happiest bully girl in the whole world now!

    I am an English Bulldog’s mom as well. My girl’s name is Bulka (means a “bun” or “loaf of bread” in Russian – I know you like food-related names ;-)), she is almost 6 years old. She LOVES chasing balls and she is very active. She also loves car rides and dog beach.

    I tried to submit a video of Bulka but couldn’t (long story – I don’t have e-mail setup through Mac.com), so I am posting the link here:

    This video is of Bulka’s play date with her best friend Ice, a staffordshire bull terrier pup.

    Thank you for the great site!


  3. Thanks everyone! Kate I don’t think I knew you called Scooter Loubie. Too funny. And Adele, welcome to UB! The video of Bulka is great. How did you do the film strip effect? I’ll be sure to post it in a later blog post. And I do love the name!

  4. Aaah, yes, I think I revealed the Loubie fact on Twitter one night. No telling who’s picking up or not. Might have been telling Jen about it. Anyhow, yes, most frequently Scooter is referred to as “the Loubis” or “Loubie”.

    Ya see, I didn’t name ol’ Scoots, but didn’t want to change her name as I’m friends with the breeders. Alas, Scooter never made sense to me as a name for her.

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