Meet Phyllis Darlene, Bulldog Extreme!

How could you not love a bulldog named Phyllis Darlene? If she wasn’t a bulldog she’d be serving you pie in your favorite diner, making sure you got the biggest piece in the case.

But not only is Phyl (I can call her that right?) cute, but she’s had a bit of a rough life. She was abandoned due to double cherry eye, and then when she was recovering from the surgery she busted her shoulder. Jeez.

But soon a group of touring Girl Scouts came through her pound (for real) and one little girl and her mama fell head over heels. {Perhaps this is how the Lunchbox and Sherbert children’s book should begin….}

The rest as they say is history and now Phyllis is enjoying the good life. As all dogs should.

Thanks to Allison for introducing us to Phyllis Darlene!


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