Love in a 52-inch (Dog) Bed

There is absolutely no reason both Engineer Dan and I looked at this 52-inch bed on, and thought: “This will be just the right size for Lunchbox.”

We can’t blame Overstock, really. They posed a Golden Retriever in the bed. (But that thumbnail promo picture was small.)

They put the words 52-inch right in the product name. (Now, I can be excused for overlooking this fact as I predominantly use the right side of my brain. Engineer Dan not so much.)

We really didn’t envision that both dogs would lie in the bed together, so we can’t use that rationale. (Sherbert has a certain love affair going with a Mushroom Bed, as you all know.)

And we really thought when they said “machine washable” they didn’t mean I would find myself at the laundromat, on a work night, with only four dollars in my pocket, trying to squish a pee-spotted 52-inch bed into the regular washers.

How much is the Megawasher?

6 dollars a wash.


Um, what kind of dog do you have, a bull mastiff?


(I then brought the 52-inch dog bed back to the house, after using our comforter (which I had also planned to wash at the laundromat) as a carrying device for the pee-soaked bed. The 52-inch bed went into the shower, where it bled all over the bath mat staining it hot pink. It has been “drying” on the deck ever since since Lunchbox can’t climb over the massive sides and settle into the creamy white middle without leaving a bit of a “mark”. The comforter went in our too-small washing machine where it proceeded to force water out the back (or something) and through the ceiling. Try keeping a puppy away from a plastic sand bucket collecting dripping water in the living room.)

As consolation for this travesty of a bed, I have a bit of solace. And that is the photos above. The main worry with Lunchbox has always been how anti-social, stink-eye wielding Sherbert would handle his presence. When Engineer Dan sent me these photos at work one day, I laughed out loud.

Not only were they sharing one (52-inch) bed seemingly amicably (in truth it was a fleeting hour), but Sherbert’s eyes were as bright and stinky as ever.

  1. Falco has a huge bed too…yet not big enough. His head flops out despite the fact that it really could fit. He also like to face the wall at times in his big bed, must be feedback for something that I did not do that he wanted.

  2. You can sure tell who the dominant dog is…Miss Sherbert….the way she flipped LB onto his side in the big bed…Cute pictures though…

  3. What terrible drama from the plus sized dog bed. Scooter’s has been shrinking over the years to accomodate a spin cycle on the washing machine. I’d be so annoyed.

    However, the pictures do make it all worth it. Good to see Miss Sherb’s still ruling the roost at UB HQ. Even if her eyes are now bright and stinky.

  4. LOVE these pics!! I had an issue with my bully that everytime I would buy him a new bed he’d pee in it! Now whenever I buy a bed, I put all our dirty laundry in it for a few days until it smells like us. So far this has stopped him from peeing in it. I also ALWAYS keep the bed covered at all times with a bed sheet. That way I can just wash the bed sheets and the bed stays in tact 😉

  5. Hmmm, the dirty laundry is a very interesting idea, as is a sheet or plastic bed sheet. I did put a polarfleece blanket on their one day (because Miss Sherbert has SOO many), but of course that was just a pee invitation too. I’m still not convinced we’ll bring the bed back in from the deck…but if we do, thanks for all the suggestions.

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