English Bulldog Watching Family Guy

Two Three people have sent me this video clip in the last few days, so I had to post it.
I’m inclined to think it’s bad for a bulldog back to sit like this, but the bully, named Bullet, seems awfully content to be watching her favorite show, Family Guy.
A dog with expression like this begs to have her own “Things I Would Like” series.
Does your bully watch t.v.? Mine doesn’t. Well, C-Span.

UPDATE: Pebbles Protects the Family from the Gilmore Girls!

One of our fellow Twitterers (@bronwenc – thanks!) sent us this video clip of bulldog Pebbles feeling a tad threatened by the BIG SCREEN! The object of concern? Those all-threatening Gilmore Girls (who, btw, the UB household loves and misses). When’s the movie coming out?!?

  1. I have to admit, Bella does sit like a human just as this bully (I was going to send you this clip too). She prefers to be “propped” against a real human (perhaps daddy, with daddy’s arm draped around her). On Sunday’s they sit in the recliner together (oh what a site) and watch car shows (all those do it yourself how to build a 4×4 this or that kind of shows). Eventually she sort of rolls to her side a bit and ends up snoring with her head on dad’s shoulder. I’ll have to get a picture to you some time.

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