Video: Cute Bulldog in a Wagon

Yeah! Our second video installment. You may not be able to hear it completely, but at the halfway point of this video a little kid asks Dan if Sherbert has any super powers.
As if riding happily in a wagon around town isn’t a super power enough! Enjoy.
  1. Oh dear lord…that is great!! I think Sherbie does have super powers! I mean, she does have the power to bring strangers together!! I love how she just sits there the whole time!! hahaha!! She’s not budging!!

  2. Beautiful video just when you thought it couldn’t be top in cuteness from the original. It broke my heart her struggle to get on the wagon!!! My wife thinks she is adorable. She looks like she enjoys the ride, no wonder she will jump the great wall of china to get to that wagon!!! hehehe…she looks peaceful and at ease once riding just enjoying the scenery and attention. Very cute and amusing video!!!

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