The House Guest

This is Kodi.
Kodi is, lovably, immense.

This is Kodi’s bed.
Try telling Queen Sherbert that.

Kodi has been staying at UB HQ since last Tuesday…and he’ll be here until next Thursday. At this point both Kodi and Sherbert are so exhausted from vying for Dan’s and my attention that they are prostrate on the living room floor. They are lying in close proximity to one another without really acknowledging each other, which seems to be the m.o. of their relationship.

It’s funny watching two dogs that are so physically different maneuver the same space. Kodi hurls down the steps and happily goes for walks in the rain. Sherbert, well, you saw how Sherbert handles the steps. And Sherbert loves patrolling the kitchen floor space, while Kodi won’t cross over the threshold for some reason.

Then there’s the tail dodging. Sherbert’s head is right at Kodi’s tail level and when they are both dancing and happy Sherbert does a lot of bobbing, weaving, and squinting.

No wonder they are exhausted.

  1. Wow, we can see that there is not space at all for the humans in this doggy household. How kind of you to take care of Kodi…short for Kodiac Bear….Same size anyway….

  2. Kodi needs more time with Sherbert to get in shape…hehehe…the patrolling in kitchen is what my bully does too except we call it helping momma cook…hehehe…he goes nuts when grandpa is around also cause then its guarantees feedies here and there…

  3. Duh, Kodi must totally stand for Kodiak bear, I never thought about it! And Juan your bully sounds a lot like Sherb…well except for the athletic part. 🙂 Sherb won’t even look at us when we’re in the kitchen, she just trains her eyes on the floor!

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