Sherbert’s Social Call (Also Known as a Walk)

‘Is the leash really necessary?’

This past weekend, while I was out of town, my husband took Sherbert for a walk.
Dan & Sherbert love to walk together for two reasons:
1. Dan doesn’t mind Sherbert’s glacial pace.
2. Dan likes to drive Sherbert to interesting places for walks.

So on Saturday Dan drove Sherbert back to our old neighborhood. The old hood is hilly so we constantly took Sherbert around in her wagon. (Remember the ice cream truck? Old neighborhood.)

Anyway, it’s been about six months since we moved and this was the first visit back.
As Dan and Sherbie rounded the first corner a rather large man came trotting out his house and said something to the effect of: “The big fat white bulldog! I thought it was dead!”

Dan politely chatted with the man (whom Dan claimed he had never seen before in his life) and explained that we’d only moved across town. The man confided in Dan that Sherbert must be the best “chick magnet.” (Which is true, I’m told.)

Onward down the block, Dan and Sherbert were walking past a rather rundown house with an older gentleman outside. The old man cooed when he saw Sherbert and said he had to get his wife Emily. Off he went into the house to fetch Emily.

Apparently the old man and Emily used to watch Sherbert walk by (it would probably take five minutes for Sherbert to walk the length of their house). They too were happy to see that Sherbert was still alive and well. Again, Dan said he had never seen these people before in his life.

When Dan told me this story Saturday night I was cracking up. While we hated the apartment we were renting in that neighborhood it was a pretty great place to stroll around with the bulldog.

In fact, this blog, in many ways, was begun in that neighborhood all thanks to the ‘little white potato’ incident.

  1. I love that dogs often have more friends than we do. I agree though, it seems the bullies really draw people to them. I call it the Bullie Voodoo Magic; as in “Bella’s got her Voodoo Magic turned on, 5 kids just had to walk over and love on her”.

    Recently our neighbor who lived at his daughter’s place passed away. I sent flowers to the funeral home and put human and pet names on the tag. When we got to the funeral home, the daughter admitted that she had no idea who “Chris and Steph” were but knew almost instantly we were the humans of “Riley and Bella” after reading the entire tag; her dad came over and visited them everyday so she basically heard about them every day.

    Dogs, gotta love ’em!

  2. Bullie Voodoo Magic– I love it! Do you experience your bullies having a certain, what would we say, confidence in their voodoo magic? I swear Scooter pouts when humans don’t fawn all over her.

  3. Just wait until Lunchbox comes along & Dan/you walk both of them together…talk about show stopper! Whenever I attempt…yes, attempt being the key word here, to walk two at a time, we get a lot of stares & stops & OMGOSHES! Last week, I had a car, pull off to the side of the road to watch…that’s right, just watch me attempt to walk Howie & Vivi!

    I was going to say the same as others have…I know more dogs names in the neighborhood than their human owners. People remember Vivi from shows that they’ve been to before, that I know I’ve never met. Howie has also left some memorable moments in some classmates lives from 2 years ago!

    And yes, Kate, my first bulldog Oliver would stop & look at people who didn’t stop to fawn all over him & stare at them like “really? You’re not going to say anything?”

    They are a great breed these bullies!! Love them all!

  4. I put Holly in a pink coat during our cold winters. It is more for her health than it is for the cute factor (although it IS dang cute.) I get stopped constantly when I am walking her or we make the occasional outing to the pet supply store. One man even stopped, started laughing and asked me jokingly, “Is she mean?” I laughed so hard and said, “Oh, you mean the overweight, tail-wagging Bulldog in a pink coat? Yeah, she’s vicious.”

  5. I love that all bullies have similar traits (and hilarious stories attached to them). I’ve finally just started telling wary or staring people that ‘Sherbert would like you to pet her head before we can go on,’ which prevents the pout and allows people the opportunity to touch the strange white beast! I’ve also actually been worried we were going to cause a car accident with Sherb in her wagon. I hadn’t even thought about the spectacle of two!

  6. They’re totally similar to each other, but very dissimilar to other dogs. It’s so nice to have a bullie community to share and gloat about their (wonderful) eccentricities.

    I have to share – just this morning, Scooter stopped me on a walk to stare at an HVAC repairman ACROSS the street. He ignored all of the hubbub we were creating by my trying to drag my dog and her obsinately standing their staring at him. I was close to calling out, “Hey, repairdude, could you pet my dog so that she will frickin’ listen to me? I know you have a job to do, but we’d really appreciate it.” The only thing that could lure her away from her intent gaze at this poor guy was my offer to take her back inside and feed her.

    And, like Blazing Red, we’re asked often if Scooter’s mean – usually at Petsmart of all places. It’s really odd to me. She’s a dwarf, walks crooked and has her tongue permanently hanging out. Never mind none of her teeth meet.
    Sigh, they’re so misunderstood.

  7. My bet is that the HVAC dude had a pocket full of bacon.

    And, whoa, holy cold meds batman on the previous post. I could hardly understand myself.

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