The Next Best Thing to Wrapping Up a Bulldog

Loving a bulldog is kind of like being a golfer: every holiday brings something theme related.
For a recent birthday at UB HQ we received the above Hallmark card.
I swear it is Sherbert’s mama (or papa, hard to tell).

And while we impulse bought this bottle of wine by Mutt Lynch Winery, it would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

(If you can’t read the bottle the name is “Merlot Over and Play Dead” and the back says “Apply Dog Logic to Life: Eat Well, Be Loved, Get Petted, Sleep Alot, Dream of a Leash-Free World.” That’s pretty much Sherbert’s motto in a nutshell.)

Let’s hear some of the other bulldog presents people have received (drop us a comment, below, or, even better, send a pic to

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